The Ford Motor Company was launched in 1903 with $28,000 in investment from twelve investors. During its early years the company produced just a few cars a day with groups of men working on a single car. Within a decade, however, the company would lead the auto world in production with the introduction of the assembly line concept – a revolutionary idea which was soon adopted by all other manufacturers.

In 1908 Henry Ford launched the Model T succeeding in his mission to produce an affordable and reliable automobile for everyone. Within a decade nearly half the cars in America were Model T’s. The sensational demand for the “Tin Lizzie” led Ford to develop mass-production methods including large production plants and the use of standardized, interchangeable parts.

In addition to leading the world in assembling prowess the company also pioneered several innovative concepts. In 1927, Ford replaced the T with the Model A, the first car with safety glass in the windshield and in 1932 launched the first low priced V8 engine powered car.

At Merit Cars we deal in the following Ford models:

  1. Model T & Model A
  2. 1964 - 1968 Mustang
  3. Fastbacks



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