The MG T series was a range of body-on-frame convertible sports cars produced in a sequence from 1936 to 1955. The exterior of all cars was almost alike. Distinctive features included humped engine area, foldable windshield, flared fender arches on the front and rear wheels, slab-type fuel tank and a rear mounted spare wheel.

1936 – 1939 MG TA:

The MG TA followed the design cues of the MG PB; however it had a unique radiator design, a large engine hood and running boards. Still a two-seater, it had a bench-type seat with a storage space behind it to store the top and side curtains. Engine was upgraded to a four-cylinder engine (1292cc) with twin SU carburetors producing 50bhp.

1939 – 1939 MG TB:

This car appeared shortly before commencement of the war. It featured a smaller but more modern 1250cc XPAG engine with twin SU carburetors generating 54bhp. of power. A dry plate clutch replaced the oil immersed clutch.

1945 – 1949 MG TC:

As war ended, MG released its first post-war T Series – the MGTC. The objective with this series was to improve handling and to make maintenance easier. Engine was carried over from the TB, as was the four-speed synchromesh transmission. The wheels featured central locking wires. Although all MGTC’s were right hand drive a large number of the total 10,000 cars produced were exported to the US.

1949 – 1953 MG TD:

There were many subtle cosmetic changes for the TD though largely the car followed the design cues for the series. For the first time a MG was equipped with bumpers front and back. Another noticeable and controversial change was the replacement of wire wheels with solid steel wheels. Handling was improved with a completely new chassis (sturdier and stiffer). Engine was continued from the TC.

In 1950 the TD MKII Competition Model was introduced, produced alongside the standard car, with a more highly tuned engine using an 8.1:1 compression ratio (57 BHP,) twin fuel pumps, additional Andrex shock absorbers and a higher ratio rear-axle.

In total about 30,000 MG TD's were produced including 1700 MKII.

1953 – 1955 MG TF:

This car was essentially the same as TD with the same suspension, chassis, brakes, engine, transmission and steering. Some cosmetic changes were made at the front – a radiator grill was lowered and the front fenders were reshaped to incorporate the headlights.

In late 1954 a more powerful 1466cc engine was introduced. This larger capacity engine was designated XPEG and the car was called the TF1500. The power of the engine increased to 63 BHP.

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