In 1967 Mercedes replaced the 230SL with the 250SL featuring a slightly larger engine and some mechanical and safety improvements. Since the 250SL was made only for one year and it commands certain niche desirability.

Handling Experience

Like the earlier 230SL, the 250SL has a stiff suspension and sportier feel. It was offered with a 4 speed automatic transmission or ZF 5 speed manual transmission. Performance and handling were improved with a more powerful engine and rear disc brakes

Distinctive Features

The most distinctive feature of the 230 SL was the unique shape of it optional hard top that inspired the name “Pagoda”. The roof line dipped slightly in the center, which allowed for large side windows and provided a little extra room to get in and out.

Distinctive Features

The 250 SL featured a 2496 cc engine with 6 mm increased stroke. Valve ports were increased from four to seven. All these improvements gave it an enhanced torque of 159 lb ft. Capacity of the cooling tank was increased from 10.8L to 12.9L and gas tank was enlarged to 82 liters.


With the 250SL came the 2+2 body style also called the California Coupe. The body style featured a hardtop only with no soft top. A small fold down seat was added between the passenger compartment and trunk.

Midway Mercedes also introduced additional safety features that included padded steering wheel hub, elastic black rubber heater levers, collapsible steering wheel, and softer rounder dash top padding. Side view mirrors were made more angular and window cranks and door handles were less protruding

The 250SL is a beautiful model of the SL lineage, which gives its occupants their due share of new and improved features. They can enjoy a better ride in the improved engine giving them more mileage and an open top to enjoy those beautiful weather rides

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